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Remember the old Twenty Questions game whose premise was predicated on the belief that everything on the earth is either plant, animal or mineral? Science has advanced further than that now and the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and mineral kingdom are no longer the only kingdoms contained in biological taxonomy, not to mention that the nature of our wonderful planet has always been so much more complex.

In any event, no matter how scientists define or rank life and non-life on our planet, there is a plethora of great information once thought to be lost except for the select few who owned the magazine publications. We've taken those nature magazines which have passed into the public domain and reproduced the articles here to share with everyone.

An ad found on the back cover of a Nature Magazine from 1932 states: "Every number of NATURE MAGAZINE is worth reading again and again. NATURE MAGAZINE never grows old. It is more than a magazine; it is an encyclopedia of information presented as attractively as fiction and illustrated so aptly as to make you an eyewitness to all Nature's events."

We couldn't agree more!