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The Earth is often referred to as the blue planet because when viewed from space it appears blue. This blue color is caused by reflection from the oceans which cover roughly 70% of the area of the Earth.

Garden Pools: A little girl I knew used to say she always imagined that fairies lived among the waterlilies in her garden pool. And surely such a place would be an ideal home for the "wee sma' folk" of legend and tradition, did they exist.

Our Unstable Shores: The seas do not like their living quarters. So they build up, tear down, and rearrange their beds. All of which adds to the labor of man, self-appointed recorder of the changing movements of the sea and their effect on the contour of the land.

Servants of the Sea: That vast and estimable dame we know as the ocean has a determined antipathy for all untidiness. So varied and prolific is the life she nurtures that death and dissolution are forever in her tides.