Types of Flowers

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The flowering plants or angiosperms are the most widespread group of land plants. The flowering plants are distinguished from other seed plants by a series of apomorphies, or derived characteristics. A flower, sometimes known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants.

A Clever Deceiver: Of the orchids, dainty tribe of practical jokers, one of the cleverest is the magenta-flowered grass pink, Calopogon pulchellus. She invites a flying guest to dine and places before him artificial viands.

Bulbs From Spring to Fall: There are many varieties of flowering bulbs available that enable gardeners to obtain a succession of blooms from early spring to fall, but rare indeed is the gardener who takes advantage of the many kinds offered for sale.

Plants That Improve On Acquaintance: There are many exotic plants perfectly familiar to readers which upon personal inspection reveal features entirely novel and surprising.

Westward Ho! for "Red Sally": Twenty years ago, purple loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria, key flower for the great scientist, Charles Darwin, was unknown in Michigan. Roadside flowers were chiefly goldenrods, milkweed and Queen Anne's lace.