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Insects are a major group of arthropods and the most diverse group of animals on the Earth, with over a million described species, more than half of all known living organisms, with estimates of undescribed species as high as 30 million, thus potentially representing over 90% of the differing life forms on the planet.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Class: Insecta

Lucky Bugs and Others [Aug-Sep 1944]: Such are half a dozen of the innumerable superstitions that have been linked with the insect world. In all countries and all ages, these small, familiar creatures have been considered as connected in some way with misfortune and good luck.

Mantis and Mate [Aug-Sep 1944]: When my friend brought a praying mantis to my desk in Washington, D. C., one summer morning, it seemed a thing of passing interest; but I took the insect home with me, and it became something fascinating.

The Stinging Sorority [Mar 1932]: Are there any more vivid memories of childhood than those of the berry picking and swimming expeditions that were turned into swift, ragged retreats by hornets, bumble-bees and yellow-jackets?

The Strength of the Frail [Oct 1948]: Under an old apple tree in my Insect Garden, a curious thing has happened. A tiny red mite, dropping through the air from the leaves above, has landed on the open page of a notebook. It runs over the paper in curves and curlicues.

The Terrible Termite [Sep 1937]: Early settlers were probably no more alarmed at the cry of "Indians" than are present-day dwellers in wooden buildings at the cry of "termites". These little insects, commonly but erroneously called white ants, have, in the past few years, received almost as much publicity as many other public enemies of larger size who have more conspicuous ways of robbing the public.